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If you decide to book your trip with TravelWithYourChild, specialists in family trips, you will find:

  • Specialization: Our programming is specially designed for adults and children, giving the main role to the little ones.
  • Experience: Professionals who are knowledgeable about the travel programs who will assist and advise you according to your preferences and needs when traveling as a family.
  • Guarantee: The peace of mind that comes with knowing that all Santa Claus in Lapland LLC brands, including TravelWithYourChild , meet all legal and ethical requirements.
  • Security: The brands of Santa Claus in Lapland LLC work in a way that the contracted services are properly provided and offer you an immediate resolution of any problem that may arise during the trip.
  • Consultations: The TravelWithYourChild travel agents are more than a salesperson, they are a tourist adviser and consultant who can make the trip of your dreams come true, attending to your specific needs for traveling with children.
  • Technology: Our agencies are companies equipped with the latest technologies and have highly qualified staff that guarantees fast and efficient management.
  • Diversity: you will find highly qualified travel agents capable of offering you all kinds of services of any specialty. If you want to enjoy all these advantages, book your trip with TravelWithYourChild, specialists in family vacations.

Don’t forget:

  • When you contract a “combined trip” you must request the corresponding contract, which includes your rights and obligations as well as ours. Review the General Conditions published on our website, as they form part of the Combined Travel Contract and are therefore binding.
  • When you book your trip, we may ask you for a deposit, which may not exceed 40% of the total price of the trip.
  • From Santa Claus in Lapland LLC. you will find the most competitive travel insurance on the market that will allow you to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind and safety.
  • You can request a “custom” combined trip, to make the trip of your dreams come true. In this case we may request the payment on account .
  • At any time you can cancel the contracted trip, and we will not charge more than those expenses that are established by current legislation and that are included in the General Conditions.
  • Always request and save your invoices, which must contain the program and amounts, and in a visible place, the name of the brand. Bonuses and tickets also need to be kept.

Family vacations are an extraordinary activity, but before starting a trip it is essential to check the mandatory documents so that everything goes smoothly, especially when traveling with children. Examples would be the national identity document, passport or special visas to be able to leave, enter or even transit through some of the territories. The requirements are very different between the countries, generally depending on the nationality of the travelers and the chosen destination, in such a way that it is vital to obtain correct information at each embassy so as not to be surprised. Children, including babies, must travel with their documentation in order just like adults. Also if they travel alone or are accompanied by only one of their parents, there is additional documentation they may need along with the standard documentation, such as the express authorization of the person who has been granted parental authority. Without a doubt, it is best to consult with the Embassy or Consulate of the country of destination of your vacations with children.

Although children under the age of 14 are not required to have a national identity document, most airlines will ask for it at boarding and there are some hotels that may require it, so obtaining this document is highly recommended. To process the I.D. you must go to an authorized dispatch office. The passport is an individual document and is issued by the country you are a citizen of. It is essential to travel to any destination outside of ones own country with this documentation. The validity of the passport varies depending on the age of the citizen. The passports of children vary on the country that has issued them. Please make sure that all documentation is up to date. With a passport you can travel to all the countries of the world, including those of the European Union. In some countries (China, Egypt and India) in addition to the passport you must present the tourist visas for both adults and children. Before traveling to a foreign country, it is advised to call the consulate of that country to inform you of the documentation required for foreigners to enter. Remember that in addition to the passport, if the minor travels alone or in the company of others, they may need the authorization of the person who exercises parental authority.

There are many countries to which you cannot travel to without having been vaccinated against some diseases that have been eradicated in the US but are still active in other countries. This obligation is valid for both adults and children, although especially children are a risk group and we must be very careful. Keep in mind that some vaccines may require several applications, so it is convenient to find out in advance. We recommend that you find out about the customs of the destinations that are going to be traveled. This will avoid any compromising situation. Ask if the use of credit cards is widespread in the country you are going to visit. We always recommend traveling with some cash, if not in the local currency, preferably in dollars or euros.

While on vacation with children you can take the opportunity to enjoy the most fun trips for families, either to discover new places or to return to our favorite destination. We offer you the possibility of enjoying grand trips or destinations closer to home, by plane or by car… whatever destination you decide to travel to, these trips provide your children with valuable opportunities for development and personal growth #travelwithyourchild

At TravelWithYourChild we put our Traveler Service program at your service, a direct, personal and permanent link to help you when you need it in a professional and friendly way. All information and reservation processes are supervised and managed by expert travel advisers specialized in holidays with children, who will help you and provide any clarification about the trip you want, in detail. For all this, we offer you our exclusive telephone number for travelers 305-718-3487 and our email in which we will help you with anything you may need. Through these means you can consult us about any aspect related to your trip, agree on the method of payment or send us your suggestions so that we can continue to improve and offer you the best family vacations.